Brands RMJ | Facilities
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Brands RMJ have a long standing, trusted partnership with Ensign Laboratories.

Ensign Laboratories are a highly accredited Australian owned and managed company based in Melbourne across two sites. With 60 years experience in the development and manufacture of a variety of products, Ensign sets the standard in reliability and quality.

Their state of the art manufacturing facilities see them be able to a product from concept to finished unit. A stringent quality policy is implemented at every stage of a products life to ensure superiority in every product.

Ensign have been TGA accredited since 1991, giving them the licence to manufacture therapeutic goods to the code of Good Manufacturing Practises (cGMP). Ensign is also accredited with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 and has been the holder of similar versions of this ISO License since 1995.

Ensign’s extensive capabilities gives Brands RMJ great flexibility in product development and manufacturing.

For more information about Ensign’s facilities and capabilities head to