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Hello Kitty BS Logo


Hello Kitty is one of the worlds most loved and recognised brands. Created in 1976 by Sanrio the adorable and cute character has captured hearts of girls all around the world.

Our extensive range of Australian made and owned Hello Kitty Body Sprays ensures there is a loveable sweet fragrance for every girl.

In three sumptuous flavours, girls all over Australia will go ga ga for the Bubblegum, Juicy Grape and Strawberry and Cream body sprays.

Hello Kitty Bubblegum is a sweet bubblegum treat for all girls, naughty and nice.

Hello Kitty Juicy Grape is a sweet treat that is oh so grape-a-licious

Hello Kitty Strawberry and Cream is a strawberry and cream suprise for girls oh so sweet

Hello Kitty Banana will have girls going B-A-N-A-N-A-S for this yummy tropical goodness.

Hello Kitty Coconut is a coconut splash for summertime fun.


  • Aluminium free
  • Against animal testing
  • Australian owned
  • Australian made

Purchase Hello Kitty Body Mists from leading pharmacies Australia wide  and